Our Royale touch

The taste of freshness!

From the farm to your plate in the same day!

As very little time goes by between picking and the grocery store, it’s as though you had picked them that morning! Just like home-grown produce, but without the effects of weather and cold.

Superior Quality

Towards the perfect tomato ...

• Pest control using other predatory insects to eliminate pesticides
• Cultivated in an high quality substrate
• Use of high grade fertilizers
• Natural pollination using blumblebees
• Composting and recycling of agricultural waste
• Water and sunshine take care of the rest!


We care about the environment

Our focus is on the quality, taste and shelf life of our produce. Since the very beginning, we have run an environmentally-friendly operation. In fact, the environment has always been a priority for our family; we wish to protect it for us and our children.

• Minimal packaging
• Recyclable containers
• Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
• Reducing our ecological footprint
• Biomass heating system (recycled wood and forest residues)


Right on track!

Our traceability system enables us to access all required information to trace the evolution of our product throughout production and distribution. We know our tomatoes, inside and out!